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When the year-old Labour MP John Woodcock announced last December that he was depressed , he was confronting a double stigma: not just as a man talking about his mental health, but as a politician discussing a personal issue that is all too often portrayed as a weakness. They're self-conscious about talking about weakness, there's this male sense of 'shrug and get on with stuff'.

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This type of male identity is cemented at a very young age. It's a real barrier in talking about mental health issues. Rather than being entirely about anti-gay hatred, there is an element of "gender policing", of abuse directed at men who do not conform to a stereotype of masculinity.

The rules of masculinity prevent you from asking for help or talking about feelings. According to Penny, depression is often accompanied by a sense of shame, of not deserving help, "and when messed-up gender roles are thrown into the mix, it's going to become even more troubling".

She has no doubt that gender policing "ruins lives across the board". The drugs and alcohol can end up as big a problem as the mental distress in the first place.

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In the late s, it was men in their 20s who were most at risk from suicide; today it is men in their 40s. As Murphy points out, it's the same cohort, and is evidence of "scarring": of being unemployed at a young age, and suffering from long-term consequences, including higher rates of unemployment and lower wages in later life, as well as mental distress.

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  • According to research by Samaritans , those in the poorest socioeconomic circumstances are 10 times more likely to kill themselves than those in the most affluent. Both men and women experience poverty, of course — but it is men who are more likely to kill themselves if they are poor. And the help simply is not there for men, even if they seek it. When Ant Meads finally saw the doctor who instantly recognised his OCD and began a referral for specialist care, he faced a nine-month wait.

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    How do people cope? He believes there needs to be far more government investment and a national advertising blitz about men and mental health. Unless this changes, he suggests, "we'll fail many people who will suffer mental health conditions, or even suicide, when they can be helped. Challenging unreconstructed masculinity is surely a priority, too. The organisation Calm has launched an initiative called " mandictionary ", encouraging men to take on "archaic male stereotypes" and "define themselves on their own terms".

    The year-old is currently a student earning a degree in business administration and hopes to one day be able to provide a better and successful future for all children. Cristina is a former tennis player who unfortunately had to retire due to an autoimmune disease, and is now raising awareness about fighting all types of autoimmune diseases.


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    The year-old Mexican is a writer who became a speaker after overcoming depression. Sofia is passionate about mental health and wants to continue raising her voice to help others who are struggling with depression. From La Unión, El Salvador, Zuleika graduated with her bachelor's degree in communications and a minor in art. She is currently working with different organizations that teach children in poverty how to overcome their issues and live a better life. Rosemary is pursuing a career in accounting and finance and has her own business.

    She designs her own jewelry line and hopes to one day open her own luxury company.

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    This year-old is a professional model who is currently in her third year of an international law career. The year-old is pursuing a career in public relations and marketing, and works with several organizations that help formerly incarcerated women reorient themselves.

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